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Zusammenfassung: ENERGY WG - 16.04.2015


  1. Opening of the meeting: The chairperson, Mrs Studer (Swissmen) in replacement of Mr Porter (BEAMA), welcomes participants and opens the meeting. The draft agenda of this meeting and the draft minutes of the previous meeting are approved.
  2. Chairmanship of the WG: Mrs Studer informs participants about the upcoming vacancy of the chairmanship of this WG, since Mr Porter will take over the responsibility of the chair of Orgalim in May 2015 and will therefore no longer be in a position to act as the chair of this WG. She invites participants to nominate a candidate to step in as of the next meeting. A written call for nominations will follow.
  3. Report on latest energy policy developments: Participants are updated about the state of play of the debate at EU level on the Energy Union Communication and its follow up from the institutions’ side (see slide presentation available for download on Extranet).
  4. Discussion on priorities stemming from the Energy Union Communication & Orgalim follow up: The debate is structured into two parts: 
    1. Internal aspects of our further work and priorities in the area of energy policy in view of the Board meeting on 24.04.2015: Participants drafted the suggestions for the upcoming debate and decisions of Board members on Orgalim´s work programme in the area of energy These provide the WG´s recommendations on the following questions: How do we assess the Energy Union Communication? What priority focus for the future? Is there a need for a change of Orgalim´s work programme and/or structures to carry out future tasks? Should Orgalim pursue a market driven approach in the future and what should be the relationship with the Advanced Manufacturing WG?
      Overall, the WG feels that in these two years Orgalim has become a credible player on the energy policy scene and want the group and affiliated task forces to continue along the lines that have let to this success. Participants request the summary document drafted during the meeting to be circulated to the WG (please see attachment 1).
    2. The identification of Orgalim’s further priority issues, related key messages and external next steps: As mentioned in the summary document under the previous point, participants agreed on the WG’s suggested priorities on the basis of the six work streams discussed at the previous meeting: In general, participants feel that the six work streams discussed at the last meeting are fitting well into the context of the Energy Union Communication and Orgalim’s existing work programme. Some streamlining can bring further benefit the further coordination of the work.
      Participants then go through the list of announced actions/legislative measures of the COM Communication and Roadmap one by one, and agree on several key messages and next steps. Attachment 2 provides a summary of the detailed debate on each of the announced COM action points.
      Most importantly, internal energy market issues are a priority (new electricity market design initiative, New Deal for consumers etc.) and shall be actively underpinned. The WG supports a merge of the earlier envisaged Retail Market Communication into the new market design initiative. An overview of Orgalim´s existing key messages and expectations from a re-designed electricity market model shall be set up and be sent out to members for comments. Orgalim shall participate in the upcoming COM public consultation on the new electricity market model.
      The WG decides to underpin the new RES package (the key internal energy market messages shall also be promoted here), identifying key messages on the ETS reform and conveying them to policy makers, and Orgalim shall take a positive stand on COP21 and the related global carbon price initiative. Mr Marchais will introduce the latter subject at the next meeting.
      Then, the WG confirms that our work on the reviews of the EPBD, EED, Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Directives shall be continued through the existing task forces operating under this WG. Finally, the WG is committed to a good cooperation with other Orgalim groups, including the Advanced Manufacturing and Research WGs.
  5. Preparation of Orgalim participation in the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW 2015): The official response to Orgalim´s applications for participation in the EUSEW 2015 is still pending. Therefore, no concrete preparatory steps could be taken. Participants agreed to watch out for candidate speakers at this stage. Mr Marchais (FIEEC/Schneider) volunteered as a first member for the core group to prepare Orgalim´s EUSEW participation.
  6. Country reports and debate on the energy policy situation in Member States: Due to time constraints, this agenda point has not been tackled in detail. Participants agree to continue giving country reports at the next meeting. Mr Hermeren, Teknikföretagen, kindly volunteered to provide an overview of the energy policy situation in Sweden at the next meeting.
  7. Date and place of next meeting: Subject to confirmation by the new chairperson, participants tentatively schedule the next meeting for 23 June 2015. Meanwhile, conference calls to prepare for the EUSEW and the agreed follow up on Internal Energy Market issues (i.e.: the overview of key positions and expectations of the sector from the new electricity market model initiative & Orgalim´s response to the related public consultation to come) could be convened.


Board Input (PDF, 245.24 KB)
WG_Comments_Planned COM (PDF, 192.64 KB)