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Brigitte Ederer, Präsidentin des FEEI
Brigitte Ederer, Präsidentin des FEEI

In a nutshell: Home Appliance 2025 vision

Newsalert is an internal newsletter for CECED Members produced by the CECED Secretariat

The Home Appliance 2025 vision sets out the home appliance sector's:

  • current, significant contribution to Europe’s economy and society;
  • forward-looking vision for the future; and
  • (perhaps most importantly of all) what the sector needs to help it grow and prosper through a series of (eleven) specific industry “asks” towards policy makers organised under four distinct pillars:

Pillar 1: Achieve smarter and better regulation
Pillar 2: Advance sustainable lifestyles
Pillar 3: Make the connected home a reality
Pillar 4: Accelerate Europe’s economic growth

Work on realising the Home Appliance 2025 Vision started in the Autumn of 2014.

The Vision is designed to help our sector tap into the political thinking of the recently appointed Juncker Commission (it took office in November 2014), in particular its publicly-stated drive to generate European jobs, growth and competitiveness while aiming for smarter, better regulation. In short, doing less, better.

Work on realising the Home Appliance 2025 Vision has involved many hours of discussion and teamwork within CECED bringing together members of the Brussels-based Secretariat and company member representatives, in particular from the Council.

The Project was also supported by the Brussels-based consultancy Cambre Associates.