Connectathon Energy adressiert die Interoperabilität im Energiesektor

SET-Plan Symposium on Interoperability

SET-Plan Symposium on Interoperability, 30th January 2019 - Vienna

Interoperability is a key factor for the successful transition of the energy system.
Integrating the Energy System (IES) organizes a new international event where Interoperability is addressed by numerous representatives and experts during

  • (i) a SET-Plan symposium and
  • (ii) an IES workshop, both in the course of the
  • (iii) multi-day Connectathon Energy, which shows the challenges of testing interoperability between different vendors.

Learn about the IES-Method to achieve interoperability of ICT-systems, the challenges addressed and the benefits, from IES-experts and visiting guests from international communities.
Get more information and register at The IES method was developed in the IES-project funded by the Austrian Climate & Energy Fund.


IES Connectathon 2019 Programm